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Welcome to the Digital Museum of Learning.
Our mission is to enable every child to reach their highest learning potential and thrive.

We aim to empower educators and act as a champion for the impact of their work - with world-class digital curation of knowledge, artifacts, exhibits, and resources in a highly engaging, innovative, and unconventional way.


A digital museum of education and learning

We are challenging the traditional concept of the museum and launching a free, digital museum platform specifically designed with and for educators and the children they inspire.

The museum will draw from the fantastic resources and insights from partner museums and academics across the globe. We aim to provide virtual visitors with inspiring and artful learning journeys that combine the history of learning and education with the newest research findings and cutting-edge technology.

The interactive museum will provide tailored and multisensory resources to enhance the impact of educators – both online and in the classroom.

The Digital Museum of Learning is part of the Global Education Museums Initiative of the Jacobs Foundation. The initiative fosters collaboration between museums of education and enriches these partnerships with rigorous academic insights and professional practices from the Jacobs Foundation and its network.


Our ambition
for 2023

In early 2023 we will launch the Digital Museum of Learning with a first interactive learning journey on environmental education and education for sustainable development.

Building on intense collaborations with educators, academics, leading EdTech innovators, and partner education museums, the Digital Museum of Learning aims to produce 1-2 learning journeys every year, amplifying and expanding its reach and network of partners each step of the way.

Watch our launch event

We celebrated the start of the museum’s new journey with the Long Night of the Museums on September 3, 2022.

On Saturday, September 3rd, 2022, the Johann Jacobs Museum celebrated the start of its new journey with the Long Night of the Museums in Zurich.


Our partners

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