Long Night of the Museums launch event

September 28, 2022
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What a Night! On Saturday, September 3rd, 2022, we celebrated the start of the museum’s new journey with the Long Night of the Museums. The Johann Jacobs Museum welcomed over 1,300 visitors with a fun and interactive exhibition about the learning brain.

The exhibition explored the brain and how it learns with a focus on children, drawing from the expertise of BOLD, which collaborates with a vast network of experts.

In the exhibition, the visitors were able to learn more about the biological, social, emotional, and cultural factors influencing brain development and cognition, such as brain plasticity, environment, lifestyle, other exercises, and nutrition. The exhibition featured many quizzes, interactive screens, and activities where visitors could test their knowledge and build their own inspiring learning

With its history of coffee and global interconnections, the museum is now embarking on a new journey and embracing the Jacobs Foundation’s pledge to help every child reach their full learning potential and thrive together.